11 Apr

Oh, and I know its childish or fantasy to believe that love will triumph. That love will be all you need even if you’re poor. I know you need money to live in this world but…I don’t want to accept that. Love is what makes me feel alive. Money will be there even if you’re dead. It doesn’t care about you. I want a love that will have its up and down. But in the end, faith and trust in the love. As long as there is one person that I can share that bond with, even with I become the world’s devil. So be it. Although I would really love to think that I’m a nice person and that will never happen but if hitler could go from artist to dictator…shit happens. Terrible god awful shit happens. But good shits happen too! I just want to say shit! SHIT SHIT SHIT a lot. I’m done now.


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