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26 Oct

Nothing. New.
But that’s not why I’m here. I’m here to vent.

So I got into a spat with my SO. I love eating. Life is food, sleep, and sex. Anything between that is nice too. So I got a gift from my SO and it was food (like  five different snacks), a tin of chocolate, and a hand towel. I left a msg saying anything from you would have been wonderful but food is best!


So according to that statement I was saying “thanks for the gifts but I like food better than the handtowel or the tin (disney)”
I didn’t even get to the hand-towel and I was just ecstatic because food! I never knew that the main gift was the hand-towel and the food was extra so I have offended her so much!

I didn’t know. i didn’t understand. I was never explained. Yet it makes it my fault 1000000% it seems. I don’t like this. I will apologize but I still don’t understand. Do I feel apologetic? I do. But I also feel anguish and frustrated.

And stress of being unemployed.

Its almost end of year again. Get your life together. 😐