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14 Aug

I don’t understand. I’m lost and confused. I am…being childish. Or something to that extent. Everyone that tries to help me, nudge me in a direction that they think will benefit me. Pharmacy, paralegal, actual job, volunteering, etc. When I protest I get confronted with “What do you want to do?”
I do not know. I don’t have dreams or aspirations on any grand scale. I just…want to be able to live a normal non-extravagant life. Defiantly not a house but a condo/apartment like where there’s enough room to breathe and live but in no way an “extravagance”. Although I guess condo makes more sense since you own it? I think. But I just want to be able to live with the woman I love, not worry greatly about debt and well, live. How? I don’t know. But others seem to do…