3 Jun

Well…still no official job. I did get an offer at a temp agency but I was panicing over living situation so I had to turn it down. And I guess truthfully…I was 70% scared of accepting that responsibility. WELL still searching and applying. I watched all of the HP series. Finally. And Snape…almost cried during his segment. I came to teary eyes. And then I watched Wreck-it-Ralph. Even though it was all predictable. I almost cried at Ralph’s…fall. And then watched season one of Archer. Atm, I’m trying to watch Adventure Time. So WEIRD. So CONFUSING. And I can’t believe kids watch this. I guess being an adult I understand a lot more than what kids would? Currently on episode 5 and the feels. 5.1 I went through this. I introduced my love to my bf to get the best of both worlds. And it went badly. Haven’t finished this segment yet so I don’t know how it will end 😡 For me, after that whole fiasco, I lost two good friends. But only  episode 5 and wow. Really random borderline stereotyped high events. But so far, starfire as princess bubblegum? George Takai as a heart? And all that sly adult humor? I will continue to watch but I’m still not sure if I’m loving it.



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