I don’t understand.

9 May

Is it a sad world? When you tell the truth and it somehow backfires…the world just seems a much darker place. I know it depends on how or what you’re telling the truth about but the word: Truth…when it makes things worse..just..makes life sadder. Is the world better in lie and deceit? The law, children stories, religion tells us no. And yet…how many people would rather be in happy marriage with kids and a house than learned of an unfaithful spouse and create a state of divorce and trauma for their kid. A medicine that could aleave them of their pain or cure them but is truthfully a placebo effect. That their kid is still a good child that doesn’t drink, do weed, or drugs. The world is not static enough for a straight answer. A man could kill a family and get away scott free if the evidence doesn’t add up or the y have the money to cover it up in legal fees and tampering evidence/witnesses. And yet, another man can kill the same man out of vengeance and be convicted.Idk, I’m just being doom and gloom. My SO’s grandmother passed and I’m just…bad at comforting. I never really knew my grandparents so I can’t relate. I have had deaths in the family but that didn’t really kick me either since she was a cousin I haven’t seen in years. That makes me a terrible person I assume…maybe I have just developed an indifferences to death. No, that’s not true. I wouldn’t be writing this if I was. I…am just bad at expressing. And you may wonder why I am not spending time with my SO as of this time its because ldr can only do so much.



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