22 Apr

I like watching movies. Genre wise..anything I guess. Recently, as in the last month, I have seen like..10 movies.
-Casablanca (I knew it was famous but I wanted to watch it because of the famous lines)
-Easy A (Due to seeing the gif with “Oh, BURN”…cept that was taken out of context… but I don’t regret it. Its a pretty nice movie. Funny, social commentary, witty, and   delightful. Also some very nice lines like “I hope you at least used a condom.” “Why? Your parents didn’t.”
-Imagine Me & You (gif again: “Am I gay? I’m Ecstatic!” I liked it. Also I saw the two mains from The Descent. So the chemistry was nice~ kind of like Mr and Mrs Jones. I just wish it was longer. Anthony Steward Head was a surprise appearance. The line: “If I killed her when I first thought about it, I would be a free man by now…” also H is adorable! As her origin story~
“Call me Miss President!” xD
Oh, on reflection I don’t mean to say that Kiss Me is more emotional than Imagine Me&You or that Imagine Me&You is poorly reflected in the emotional department. Its just a…different feeling. IM&Y is more…magical. Fantasy. While KM is more..grounded. Realistic? God I’m terrible at descriptions/explanations.
-Django Unchained (Its Tarantino! I don’t know what to make of it. I guess it is amusing a bit overly bloody but overall a decent film. Didn’t really spark much…spark. Reservoir Dogs had the whole false name mystery, Kill Bill had a numerous characters with a revenge story that spanned two and theoretically a third one, Pulp Fiction was…yeah. Inglorious Bastards was WWII with Brad Pitt. You can almost never go wrong with a  war film. But the acting was very nice on everybody. Couldn’t even recognize the evil nazi as the doctor 🙂 And Leonardo being evil…wow. I haven’t seen anyone get past their typecasting that well save..the next film.
– One Hour Photo (Saw it on a horror blog. I don’t know why. I’m scared easily yet I have a fascination with horror games/films. Not so much in books…rather the last horror books I have read were RL Stine and those scary “More horror stories” book. Anyways. Robin Williams. Wow. Its probably because it is Robin Williams that the creepy factor ramp up phenomenally  Not…as much horror more but..suspense. Like less American slasher horror but suspense. Japanese horror. Like in terms of gaming, more Silent Hill 1-3 (haven’t played past 3…and I didn’t like 5 much) than Resident Evil)
-The Mist 2007 (From the same horror site. I…got freaked out by the creatures in the mist. Mostly the bug parts. And the ending. 😦 I hated the religious lady. But I wonder what happened to the people in the market place… Also it was a surprise to see two cast members from Walking Dead.)
-Kiss Me/Kyss Me (Recommended from Imagine Me&You. Its a similar deal. Woman finding true love while in a committed relationship with a man. Yet Kiss Me for me seems…so..different. It felt unnatural and well..I guess more real? The girl, that found love, there is no guarantee they’ll be together in the future. As the blonde one left her original partner for the new-found one. And based on the subtitles I speculate that the same thing happened to her before. She got persuaded to peruse her love and then now she leaves for another. The second (out of order) thing is that the new-found was stranded on an island with her new step family. She was freaking out and based on her personality I felt that she had a very rapid progression of Stockholm Syndrome. The third gripe was…the chemistry between everyone. The father to daughter. The new-found along with her fiance. Its so…odd. I imagine its because it felt more realistic than fantasy but a movie is…well movie. I’m unsure.)
-The Truman Show (I have always meant to watch this in its entirety. Its..well..good.)

And…that’s all I believe.


I am done. I was planning to revel some things but I…got lost. On a side note, rewatching Imagine Me&You and it got me thinking.

Does love at first sight exist? I believe it does. Have I experienced it? Nope. I am in a wonderful relationship. A very kind and understanding person. Childish. Much too childish at times but I guess I am used to it. My first relationship was so much catering. wasn’t all bad. Although, I only gripe about it to everyone. It was a long duration so..I don’t think I will forget it ever. Not that I would want to. I believe that once you love a person, really love them, you will always love them. No matter how much they may have hurt you. Its there in your heart. Anyways. I…want to experience that love at first sight. The ones talked about in the movies, songs, and books. The breath stopping, time stopping, second and third glance to make sure they exist kind of love. The kind where chemistry flies in the air and you are just burn up in the night. I…in college, fell in love with a person. I only talked with them once and never saw or talked to them again. Yet, I always look around but I no longer remember the face but the feeling of searching for them. I guess that was love at sight for me. But it was a building interest that left me with nothing but regret. Then again, words and feelings unspoken are..well…unspoken. My first relationship was matched/egged on by friends. My current relationship (I haven’t been in much, shush) was in truth, a slight misunderstanding at the start but now it is wonderful. I don’t regret it at all because regret..regret is something you do when you did not do enough. You did something wrong.

So..I want to experience that fantasy flare. I, however, hold no illusions about love. Its hard work. its taking shit from one another and working through it. You compromise. You communicate. Love is selfish. You each had your own ideals and you’ve to work it out together. Well..I am mentally and emotionally tired. I feel like crying some reason…thinking about my firsts.

I am terrible with social cues. Apparently I have been hit on before and I totally blew it. ANYWAYS rest/sleep time.

-Nobody reads this anyways!


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