Ch 0

1 Dec

WELL, nothing different unfortunately. No car= no travel. No travel = no job (?). Online education can only stave off boredom/depression for so long.

Anyways, I have decided to write w/e. A start of a story perhaps. Or a raving ramble.


(Since stories always start with some excerpt or quote…)
“I am as the world is to its inhabitants. The world care naught for the people that is ruining it nor has it in itself, as I, a sense of obligation.” – The Highfather, onto the pleas of those who first walked.

 At the start, when time was naught time, as the concept of time has yet to be prevalent, the world was made. Formless at the point of creation, yet shaped into a sphere as the thought itself shapes its subject. 

…I’m going somewhere with this.. eventually. Maybe later! I need some inspiration…or a drink. Later~

Nobody reads this anyways!


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