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Ch. 0.1

4 Dec

Reread Lioness Quartet and Wild Magic series….started on Beka Cooper that this change style takes some…time. Really wish there were expansions on some of the other characters (Alana, Daine) or some of the particular children such as Thom or the princess. Wonder if I could write some silly stupid fanfic…never been much of a writer only crummy poems. 

There were objects of glory, powerful trinkets that the gods and goddesses themselves bestowed upon their most faithful and loyal of worshipers. Yet, it were not these holders that caused chaos, save the savant of chaos, rather, it were those who had not that envied them. Wars and assassinations broke out countless times and unworthy hands beheld artifacts for ill intentions in which the gods and goddesses could no more interfere than they can force chosen individuals onto paths of destiny or fate. Thus people, the misfortune  the  victims and lies alike, curse the gods and goddesses, calling forsaken and lamenting abandonment. To this, the gods and goddesses turn their back to. To this, there were no more faults but those that the humans wrought upon themselves. Save…this is not a tale about those trinkets and artifacts. This is not a tale about doing universal rights or wrongs. This is a tale takes millenniums after the world’s initial birth yet only centuries after people started appearing. When there is so much civilization yet so little to show for it. This is a tale of a girl that will grow up to…places. (subject to change)

Ch. 1 There are no Funny Bones, only bones.
 Alessa made a wry face, she hated this job as much as any reasonable bounty hunter would. Tonight’s meal ticket was a vampire. She hated vampires ever since a storyteller told a story about how she became pregnant while on the pretense that she has been with no man. Unfortunately, the only thing passed from mother to daughter was the spark of story telling, not the common sense. After word got out, people began fantasizing about beastly trysts and lobbying against discriminatory acts and the likes. In this case, however, this bounty was justified by its wake of bodies.

mm later…
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Ch 0

1 Dec

WELL, nothing different unfortunately. No car= no travel. No travel = no job (?). Online education can only stave off boredom/depression for so long.

Anyways, I have decided to write w/e. A start of a story perhaps. Or a raving ramble.


(Since stories always start with some excerpt or quote…)
“I am as the world is to its inhabitants. The world care naught for the people that is ruining it nor has it in itself, as I, a sense of obligation.” – The Highfather, onto the pleas of those who first walked.

 At the start, when time was naught time, as the concept of time has yet to be prevalent, the world was made. Formless at the point of creation, yet shaped into a sphere as the thought itself shapes its subject. 

…I’m going somewhere with this.. eventually. Maybe later! I need some inspiration…or a drink. Later~

Nobody reads this anyways!