15 Jul

It’s official!! I am a NEET >w<

It has been… almost a month since I finished my final…and NOTHING

No progress owo!!

Oh well…it is probably my fault for not trying harder but looking at all the job postings that I do not qualify for is quite depressing…as previously mentioned.


On a random note and the real reason that inspired me to update *roll mah eyes*

I watched an episode of the anime titled. Sword Arts Online….

and it seriously reminded me of .hack~

But it also reminded me of a wishful dream I wanted to have every time I slept because I actually do not know if I dream at all or I simply can never remember any of my dreams for the last…couple of years. It is quite startling considering that my significant other dreams every freaking night…most of them are bad so I get to be the calmer! Its a title :3

Anyways! I used to..and will do it tonight also… I used to wish that whenever I dream, whenever everyone dreams, they are transported a different world and live a different life. An ideal life. Like a game. A virtual game 😛 (see where I’m going with this?) I wanted to be braver in that dream world…almost a hero err…heroine? It just doesn’t sound as good as hero unfortunately…thank you sexual bias media! But I didn’t want to “save” the world or anything. Just be me and super awesome! Even if its just for myself or a few others. There is no one hero/heroine! Because its an ADVENTURE!!! 


That is allll…now to go into my “dreamgame” ❤

El Psy Congroooooooooooooooooooo



IndigoJuly Out! (Draven out! :D)


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