20 Jun

WOW. What a bitch! (I would say son of a bitch but I like his mother). I mean, I seriously dislike/trust that new girl. Well.. not new. She’s his ex-now fuck buddy. I mean, I know I sound jealous but no, we’re platonic. It’s just, I have been waiting all-fucking-day (not like I have much to do…) to go watch the movies. And he comes home, on the phone, and seems to be upset. And then I get good news that I passed all of my classes but I couldn’t exactly explode happy shiny on an upset person could I? ._. So I  waited and contemplated for a bit and then told him…got brushed off. AND then that girl comes over and was like “Hey! Ready to see Prometheus? And oh hey, you (me) wanna come to?” I’m like…. o_o … -_-  no thanks. And they just leave. FUCKING HELL. Seriously? I feel stabbed, betrayed or whatever.


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