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Been a longggggggggg while.

20 Mar

Well… a lot (or a little) has happened! It is finals week so that means busy busy! Just had my dance final earlier today >_< messed up a lot! But the recorded version just showed like…2 mistakes. muhahahaha digital cover-ups! My sweetie left back to her home country yesterday 😦 it rained as I walked her out… I’m soooo sad! I kissed her over 365 times in case…in case something >< I hope that is enough and I will be able to get to her before it runs out but…graduation is looming. And future is ewwww. So. Boooo. More finals later though 😐 have to work on paper due tomorrow. final on wed. and paper on sat. EWWWWWWWWWW

El Psy Congroooooooooooooo


Nobody reads this anyways!


😀 -> airplane -> 😦 😡 ;-; T_T