Event Horizon

4 Feb

Heh…been lazy/forgetful as of late.

Actually I tend to forget things once they are out of my sight. Like, I forgot my umbrella at the store after I set it down (also art pads too!). mm midterms are evil. Especially when you have normal testy ones atop of essay ones. And if you didn’t do all the reading. 😐 Been getting stomach aches lately…my diet is poor + lactose intolerance!


speaking of diets…I’m trying to reduce how much food I consume because I’m too lazy/stupid to figure out a proper “healthy” diet but I seem to be gaining more than I am losing 😦 Also…I need to work out more and rely less on the dance class.


Been watching tons of anime…thought I shouldn’t. Probably should spend that time resting/studying/working out but I like to indulge in fun activities too much!

Though… I should change that.

Watched Durarara!!, Steins;Gate, Sengoku Basara, Hiden no Aria, 10 episodes of Kekaishi, Papa wa Ikuro something, Highschool DxD (was realllly bored and the story turned out okay so far. I mean, initally it was wtf, lol, this is so fucking perverted! But then the main character’s concern for the nun was like omg! I love it. I really really love those situations. Like Watashi wa Messiah-sama. Sure it’s silly and perverted at times but the emotions may be felt to the reader! I hope!) I wouldn’t really rec Highschool DxD unless you have massive tolerance for unnecessary fanservice. Hmm…there’s also Amagami SS+ (<3) and skimmed C: Possiblity of Money or something. Well, I restarted/finished up C. I think the story and artwork are great but I got really confused with the financial messages…also, I think it could have been written out a bit further. It felt…kind of short. Like it ended well…but it could have been longer/more events could have been told to bring out more depth in the ending. The saying: the darker it is, the lighter the contrast. Err…mmmm…yeah. Also Ano Natsu thingy that feels a lot like Onegai Twins. And of course it was since it is the same writer! I LOVED Onegai Twins. It’s a must watch since it’s the team that brought Ano Natsu Hi w/ Onegai teachers/twins. Excellent feeling from it!

I still have Bakemonogatari + Nisemonogatari, Sengoku Basara 2, watch…something. I can’t think of right now.

Also…I want to change my nickname…again. I like IndigoJuly/BlackMarch but now I want to use like Zenith of Euphoria or something with Event Horizon. It used to be Souhime/SinKlare 😛 and before that… RuriRuri (hehe..inspired from Nadesico). Oh wishy-washy heart! You are a fool~

No one reads this anyways!


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