Arguuhhhhhhhh my muscles!

26 Jan

Dance class. Beginner of course! But it’s sooo sore-filled/filling/feeling (pick your pun/poison/word choice). I get super lost since the instructor just gives it in one go then we’ve to just…do it. ._. I’m trying to restrict my eating but it’s not going so well 🙂 I love pizza too much!! >< ordered dominos yesterday…the 2x medium pizza deal. Was super super superrrrrrrrrr hungry though. All i had up till then was a 190cal baked hot cheetos bag and a 140cal bar. And NO, i actually don’t watch what i eat/how much cal i intake…I just got bored while eating so I read the nut facts -w-;;; I should care though… 😐 getting fat. I know it’s wayyy too late to start caring (should have kept with it in freshman yearrrrr damnit! orientation didn’t tell me diddly!) But oh well~! Damage control >w<. I hope. Hopefully, I wake up early (as set to my alarm) to work out a bit!! And not browse/sleep-in/sleep-in/sleep-in ^w^/
No one reads this anyways!


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