23 Jan

Well, I’m sure the MU (MegaUpload) news is fresh on netzen’s minds. If you don’t know, MU got sued and lost a lot of money and had their servers seized/shut down etc etc. Which is utter fail as I just got a premium (TWO MONTHS cause that was the lowest they had= 20) a week ago. Well, less than a week when that occurred. AND to make matters worse, this morning, FileSonic decided to make it so you can only download what you uploaded. No sharing. Yes, I have premium for that too >< What nonsense! Frustrating! Boooooooooooo!!!!!!!

So I’m sad with all this. This internet… reformation by the US government. Why in Goddess name would you try to reform something that is global? What happened to freedom 😛 I kid, they make their case, it’s understood, but the internet is an entity. n_n. Anyways

I made tuna today! First time making tuna w/out mayo (had none). So I used butter, garlic, onions, soy sauce, black pepper, and panko crumbs. It turned out more edible than I though it would but…it was a tad dry tasting. Maybe I will drain less of the tuna next time. Though, next time I should have mayo so I wouldn’t have to bother with experimenting. 🙂

Spent Friday-Early Sunday re-watching Code Geass + squeal. I cried. More than the first time I saw it. Probably because I knew what was going to happen. But Euphy, Shirley, Rolo, and the Ending. So sad. So very sad. I wonder if Zero Requiem could happen (and if it did) in the real world. Would things really become better? Probably not. I just really really wish something bad would have happened to Anna(?). (The Freyja-bomb girl) I hated her soooo much. So very much. Now I’m finishing up the Immortal series by Tamora Pierce (READ IT). n_n;; I’m reverting to my childhood…

Of course college takes importance but the lectures are soooo dry. Dance is tiring but fun. And my friends in my lit class makes them bare-able. Plus! I like the teacher so it’s alright.

Alrighty~ time to get back to school work. Ta

No one reads this anyways. (I think I’ll end like this n_n)


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